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GENERAL OFFICE is an integrated architecture, design, and development company working with strategic partners and clients to create transformational results across a range of project types.  Initiating each project as ‘generalists’, we take the broad view to synthesize information and goals across disciplines, refining and sharpening focus throughout the life of a project to ultimately create unique and visionary experiences.


core services


  • Cabins

  • Custom Homes

  • ADUs (Accessory Dwelling Units)

  • Restaurants & Retail

  • Creative Office

  • Hospitality

  • Installations & Exhibitions

  • Experiential Design & Interactive Environments

  • Trade Show Design




We take pride in guiding our client’s projects from initial idea to completion, and are always excited to hear about your project. Contact us today.


At General Office, we aim to produce projects that become enduring and integral parts to the places they inhabit and shape.  With sensitivity to each project’s place in its community, ecology, economy, and culture (quadruple bottom line), our projects seek to improve and enrich daily life, whether at the scale of the object or the city.  We find inspiration and opportunities in overlooked spaces, surprising juxtapositions, and conditions that defy expectation. We are driven to push the status quo to a more vibrant, walkable, and ecologically rich future.


General Office operates as an Architect-Developer, an integrated role where the functions of Developer, Architect, and General Contractor are rolled into one.  This model allows us to create opportunities rather than wait for them, and has the advantage of streamlining the development process by allowing nimble decision making and eliminating points of conflict between each traditional role.  It also directly connects the design decisions to the financial performance of a project, and where employed has resulted in numerous successful, high-quality residential and commercial projects.  The success of the model proves that leading with design creates added value, where buildings become assets above and beyond the projections of their proformas. 

Our development efforts focus on the urban infill neighborhoods of Los Angeles, where small scale development can contribute to a lively urban fabric experienced on foot, and where we can create new models for living in an urban way.

We seek strategic partners to join our mission to develop visionary projects.  Contact us today.



Andrew is a California licensed architect with over ten years of experience across a broad range of project types.   His passion lies in revealing opportunities at the intersection of architecture, nature, and culture in order to build more vibrant and successful communities.  A native of San Clemente, CA, he has lived and worked in New York, Paris, and Los Angeles.  He holds a Bachelor in Architecture from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, and a Master in Real Estate Development from Woodbury University. His diverse experience makes him well suited to manage the complexities of design and development projects across many scales.

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