Nevada House

Type:  Renovation    Location: Oceanside, CA   Size:  1,300 sf    Year:  2015

In the 1940s in Oceanside, a school administrator paid students a nickel per adobe brick they made for him, and he used those bricks to build a series of adobe homes.  This is one of them.

Inspired by the story of this home and it's unique hand-built nature, the current owners set out to renovate and connect it to the story of making and living in the 21st century. Peeling off layers of materials added over the years, the first move was to open up the kitchen to the living room.  Once open, the plaster walls were refinished, windows replaced, and new Saltillo hex tile floors added throughout.

Finally, custom-built shelving, cabinets, and a bathroom vanity were crafted in collaboration with artist-woodworker Jesse Miller.  The open shelves display the family's collections and books, while the new kitchen island serves as a centerpiece and hub for the home.

Now bright and airy, the once dark home is filled with new life, spilling out into the thriving food-filled gardens, which in turn provide new life of their own.