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Porch<br>& Patio

Porch & Patio

Type: Small Lot Residential, Development Proposal    Location: Los Angeles, CA    Size: 2,600 sf    Year: 2016


Tucked behind the Porch House, the Patio House wraps around both a ground floor and rooftop courtyard, referencing the patios of traditional mediterranean urbanism. 

Offering three bedrooms and three baths each, the homes are arranged for flexibility of living arrangements, allowing for individual ‘suites’ to be either rented to subsidize the cost of the house, reserved for family members looking for a greater sense of independence, or used as a home office.  Planning for the future, the garages are ideally situated to allow for their eventual conversion to loft apartments.

How to live in the city: Flexible Housing

Known for sprawl, a new phase of urban living is challenging long held preconceptions of how to live in Los Angeles.  Located in the Historic Filipinotown section of Echo Park, the Porch & the Patio engages this new era by proposing a model of infill housing that folds indoor-outdoor living spaces into the traditional urban townhouse, creating a uniquely Southern Californian solution to urban housing. 

Taking cues from the victorian homes of the surrounding neighborhood, the Porch House offers a ‘porch’ space on three levels, presenting itself as a neighborly addition to the street.  



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