The Barn

Type: Non-profit    Location: San Juan Capistrano, CA    Size:  4,000 sf    Year: 2014 - Present

Located on one of the few remaining agricultural properties in South Orange County, The Barn is part of an ongoing visioning exploration to determine the future physical footprint of a growing community oriented non-profit.  

Rising in the place of a former dilapidated farm structure, the new building proposes a contemporary take on the classic American barn.  Its location behind the adjacent circa 1878 farmhouse (the oldest wood-frame structure in town) defers attention to the historic home, while providing new facilities to expand the range of programming offered by the organization.

A covered assembly space is the focus of the structure, and a much-needed kitchen moves cooking out of the historic farmhouse.  

A system of barn doors and sliding screens opens the interior to seamlessly connect to exterior gathering spaces, while providing the flexibility to enclose or conceal additional space when needed. 

The building is designed to passively heat and cool, collect rainwater and solar energy, and be a demonstration of passive building and sustainable design strategies in an arid environment.  

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