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Type:  Cabin

Location:  Costa Rica

Size:  300 sf

Year:  2010



Jungle Blind

Dubbed the “Dugout” by client/ecologist Evan Marks, design and construction of this occasional dwelling took place over a period of four months in early 2010.  Located on Fuente Verde farm, a cooperative organic farm 7 miles Southwest of San Isidro, Costa Rica, the Dugout is a 288 sq.ft. dwelling built from locally harvested and milled Cypress lumber.  

Defined by six 4’x8’ shutters and a skin of fixed louvered slatting, occupants can choose varying degrees of privacy while maintaining a constant visual connection to views of the tropical setting.   
Designed to be fully shaded year-round, the interior of the 12’x24’ structure is divided lengthwise into three 8’ zones for eating, living and sleeping.  Raised eighteen inches above the main floor, the sleeping level allows for a full sized bed and a space for Yoga while connecting to the rest of the space by a full length bench and step designed for lounging.  Though the structure is small, the large shutters fully open the interior to the Southerly view of a six hundred foot jungle covered palisade.

A short design phase in February 2010 was followed by a Design Build phase from March through April of that year, in close collaboration with a local Costa Rican carpenter (in Spanish).

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The logic of the space is to maximize the multipurpose ability of each element allow the space to transform function based on the users actions alone.
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