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Container Court

Type: Outdoor  Location: San Juan Capistrano, CA  Size:  2,300 sf    Year:  2016

The Container Court at The Ecology Center is a temporary installation of shipping containers retooled to provide opportunities for expanded programming.  Arranged in an L surrounding an outdoor courtyard, the containers shield the space from farm operations and equipment storage, and provide an additional outdoor gathering space.

Each container serves a specific function: an outdoor kitchen for food oriented workshops; storage; and a gallery.  

In place of the former barn structure, the new outdoor space serves as a bridge connecting the existing assembly garden on the south side of the house to the learning gardens on the north.  This new space allows for a more seamless flow for events, and can also be sectioned off to act as back of house space when needed. 

Individually, each container functions as a single unit, a unit that can be reused at a new location in the future.