Type: Competition Proposal   Location: Svullrya, Norway   Year:  2017

Rounding the corner into Svullrya from the west, a glowing roof appears floating in the forest.  Beneath the roof, a bright fire beckons visitors with its warm brilliance.  Grounded by the fire and sheltered by the roof, SkogsRom takes form as an iconic new home for Skogfinsk culture, a new home that communicates the past through new experiences in the present. 

Organized around a transparent spine that intersects a series of two solid volumes, the core public experience of the museum is the movement from light to dark, airy to intimate, that these volumes create.  The Forest finn’s life revolved around their life in the forest and their time in their homes, and the layout of the museum creates an experiential analog to the play of light experienced in their lifestyle. 

Similarly, SkogsRom aims to recreate cultural moments of the Skogfinns on a larger public scale.  To this end the large roof cavity covering the Fire Room terrace serves to capture the smoke of the fire as a contemporary version of a Forest finn smoke room, offering a lively and iconic moment to draw in passersby.  By evoking the atmospheres of Forest Finn life, SkogsRom goes beyond the static gallery display to impart the ephemeral qualities of a time past, ultimately creating a lasting experience that will put SkogsRom at the heart of Finnskogen life and bring new excitement to discovering and experiencing the ways of the SkogFinsk.

Renderings by Plexus Visuals

NSM_PV View 2_Fireplace.jpg